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Stalking with the Knoydart Foundation

We welcome visitors who share our Land Management vision to come and stalk with us. As part of our objectives we require to cull the deer to a level where vegetation growth is enough to encourage a thriving habitat. The main income for our stalking operation derives from guests who book stalking days.


Jim Brown (right) is our Head Stalker. He has a wealth of experience in the hills, and can be relied upon to provide a great stalk. The day could include loading carcasses onto ponies in the traditional manner, or perhaps being picked up in North Knoydart by a boat which would return you to the village.

Stag-stalking costs £450 per stag, and hinds are £250 per day. 

For those who want the experience but don't want to shoot, it may be possible to accompany the stalkers culling hinds on days no other clients are booked, for just £100 (up to two persons). Extra clients are charged at £50 / person up to a maximum of four total. This charge may increase if a boat trip is involved.

Contact us using the form below if you are interested in deer stalking or accompanying our stalkers for the day. 

Stalking Enquiry